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Monday, March 25, 2019


 For the last few weeks we did paper collage art and then we wrote our name and some of our personalities on it.I hope you like it.

Making Toast

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Standing in front of me  is the most astonishing and mesmerising creature. I have never seen anything of this type before in my life. She had tiny human eyes that darted back and forward examining her surroundings like she had popped out of nowhere. She had a human nose that looked normal and a very joyful smile like an invisible person was doing something funny to make her smile. Her ears however are not normal...they are polar bear ears.They looked   completely out of place because she isn't in antarctica. On the top of her head two feathers the colour of grey were sticking up. She has light brown skin like chocolate. Her hair was black in a ponytail.

She has a dull, dark pink t-shirt with two daisies the colour of white with yellow in the inside .The two flowers are different sizes one is bigger than the other.
On the back of her t-shirt are some butterfly monarch butterfly wings.  They have black outline with orange patches. Her wings can beat five times per second. Her hands are replaced by tiger limbs.I wonder how she does things without scratching them? I pondered. She has incredibly long fingernails. Her tiger arms matched her monarch butterfly wings. She had flamingo legs that were as skinny as a twig.But her bottom was  as bulging as a soft a cushion.

Then suddenly she started walking back and forth.Well if you could call it walking it was more of a cat walk or a posh strut like she was a fashion model.Then she took her hair out of the  ponytail and flicked it fashionably.Then she beated her wings up and down slowly.Every so often she would do a muffled giggle and do poses like there was an audience looking at her.

Then suddenly she started  flapping her butterfly wings even harder like she was going to take of and guess what she did.She flew higher and higher in the sky until she left the scene.Despite her weird look she seemed  nice and kind and definitely not dangerous.Will she ever come back.Is she the only one of that kind I thought to myself.

Monday, February 18, 2019



As I waited for the person at the reception to give my family our room key, I gazed outside. I could see a row of restaurants and from the open door I could smell a lot of the delicious food like muffins and brownies which made my mouth water.  At the beach, across from the hotel, I could see surfers catching big waves and little children playing in the sand. “I can’t wait to go to the beach” I thought. Outside the hotel, I could hear the chattering of millions of ecstatic holiday makers. On the road, I could see lots of cars of different colours.  I could hear the sound of the car’s engines. There was a very detailed playground by the beach but unfortunately bothersome screaming and shouting coming from children dominated the scene. The beach was chaotic with people bumping into each other. I could see a pool that took center stage with a lot of people in it. Next to the hotel, I could see a sequence of shops with dazzling displays.  There was so much variety in the shops, there were hats, dresses, shoes and so much more. I looked up, the clouds looked like soft and squishy marshmallows.

Amazing, incredible and exciting to observe, this really was a paradise.